All of our top selling products this year, we found with Trendosaur.

-Tyrone Lindo, eBay Store Owner

People ask me how I keep listing the trending products before any of my competition. Trendosaur knows ;)

-Cassie Hansen, Amazon Seller

Trendosaur has increased our online Sales by 28% month on month since we started using it.

-Kane Robinson, Target Australia

Trendosaur does my market research in 30 seconds. It used to take me 2 weeks.

-Kat Pawah, Shopify Store Owner

Trendosaur tells me exactly what products My customers want to buy.

-Aaron Davis, Amazon Power Seller

It’s literally like a crystal ball for retailers

-Hayley Dunstan, Amazon Seller

I have caught product trends before they’ve even hit my country yet.

-Richard Cowie, Shopify Store Owner

Trendosaur has made me the smartest Retailer in Europe.

-Julia Mikhailovich, Groupon Sweden

Trendosaur gives me the output of an entire Product Research Team working nonstop.

- Justin Clarke, PetPlanet.co.uk

Trendosaur helped me discover products that weren't yet selling on Amazon.com. It's like I'm cheating..

-Jessie Treloar, TGIFoundIt.com

We bring Trendosaur reports to every buyers meeting now.

-James Devlin, Category Buyer, Walmart

I was getting nowhere with my online store Before I discovered exactly what I should be selling. Trendosaur literally made my business work.

-Hannah Pettett, Groupon Sweden

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