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Trendosaur Predicted The Success of Fidget Spinners Way Back in February 2017

Those satanic little hand-spinny-things have been infesting the global retail industry and every corner of the internet like some sort of demonic plague. Whether you think Fidget Spinners are a cool little mechanism to increase concentration or you see them as a juvenile craze with no utility on this deranged planet – you can’t den...

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Is There Still Room in the Online Retail Industry for Me?

Surely with Amazon getting bigger, every major retailer having an online presence and the ever increasing list of eBay sellers - I shouldn’t even bother dipping a toe in this crowded pond right?

Wrong. Soooooo wrong.

Thousands of people every day, all over the world are quitting their jobs after raking in the profits from the gro...

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6 Easy Steps To Making Money Online

The title of this article was click bait. There’s actually over 1000 steps to generate even a single cent online, and let me tell you – most of them are hard.

Despite this - it IS possible to make money online, and it’s even more possible to enjoy every step of the journey.

One of the less complicated internet business models is...

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Announcing the Launch of The Amazing Nation

A unique new online hub and meeting place for Amazon Sellers is launching February 9.

The Amazing Nation is designed to fill a void, to be a one-stop-shop for Amazon Sellers, a resource and community you turn to on a daily basis, where you can quickly obtain the help you need in your Amazon business, and keep right up-to-date on ev...

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Could I Sell That? The Top 5 Rules of New Product Discovery

It’s happened to all sellers.

You walk in to a store and a product catches your eye.
Your Business Brain kicks in: “Maybe I could sell that?”
You go home and start looking for suppliers on, searching for drop shippers, finding out the product dimensions, scanning Google to see where it’s been sold, sales figures, price...

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TechFashion –Wearable Gadget Accessories

It’s written in the stars that we’re all destined to wear some sort of gadget accessories. Wearables started in the form of watches or bracelets that merely counted steps. But it’s not all fitness bands. The new wave is here and it filled the market with new things that brought tears to someone’s geeky eyes and all that can suit anyone...

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Toys for Boys – The Latest and Greatest

Toys are not just for keeping your kids out of your hair or for keeping them preoccupied so they’d want to stay in the corner and let you do the dishes. In fact, it’s an important part of their development process, a way of letting them experience the world so they’d try to make sense about it. It’s also one of the most effective ways ...

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Products for James Bonds Wannabes

All guys secretly wish they could be James Bond, and maybe even girls. Who wouldn’t? He gets to visit different locations and gets to have the latest gadgets that can do the unthinkable. He tickles our imagination and makes us want to be gentlemen and tough guys at the same time. This lists some of the gadgets completing the collection...

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Why Drones Could be The Future of Logistics

The retail business seems to be having a lot going these days, such as Trendosaur with its beastly top-selling spy skills, or Kickstarter with its fund-raising fame, and now drones for defying traffic rules and making innovation fly high.

Drones are formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles traditionally used for military ...

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5 Things to Do with Excess Stock

Don’t panic if you’ve overstocked, even if you just did it again…and again, because it’s probably the most common mistake in inventory management even if they thought these were hot products to sell. This happens for a variety of reasons, and the good news is, there are also a few ways that you can put these items into good use rather ...

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Top Products for Dad this Father’s Day

Enough with the ties and show Dad a little bit more appreciation by digging deeper on your annual search for a Father’s Day present. Because no matter how sharp-looking, cute, or funny the tie is, it’s still a tie.
It might look like a daunting task, but when you know your old guy or listen to him at least, there are hints everywhere...

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The 10 Highest Selling Kick Starter Products

Kickstarter is a website teaming with creative spirits.

For the project creators – it offers a chance to have their creative projects come to life while interacting directly with their target market.

For the consumers – Kickstarter provides the feeling of buying something that no one owns yet, while also helping them feel as thou...

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Groupon’s New Secret Weapon

Ever notice that brand new products seem to always turn up on Groupon first…or on anyone of the hundreds of Daily Deal sites that exist in the world?

How do they seem to beat the likes of offline retail stores, infomercials, eBay, Amazon and other online retail websites? The answer lies in a new product trend detection platfor...

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Top 10 Selling Products of All Time

You can’t win a battle without studying the terrain... And the same is true when looking for items to sell online. Here’s a list of some of the all-time best product to sell online which made their creators extremely happy (and rich!).

10. PlayStation

When Sony released the PlayStation console they were a newbie to the indus...

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Top 5 Mistakes Retail Buyers Make

Part of being in a democracy is having the right to be wrong. But when you’re a part of the retail industry wrong decisions can mean a huge loss in potential sales revenue, or even worse, HUGE amounts of excess stock. Believe it or not, like every other profession, Retail Buyers make mistakes, here’s just a few of them…

1. Filli...

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