Take The Guesswork out of Online Retail
Trendosaur helps online retailers generate sales by showing them exactly what products to sell, when they need to be sold.

Harnessing the power of Big Data and key industry analytics, Trendosaur scans millions of publicly-listed retail sales to uncover global product trends and determine the best products to sell in your region.

Using key market statistics from sites like Amazon, eBay, and AliBaba, Trendosaur will show you exactly where to start on your ecommerce journey, building workable data in to actionable reports that tell you…

  • 1.What products to sell
  • 2.How much to sell them for
  • 3.Where to source them from

Small retail startups often spend hours a day scanning websites for product trends and markets. Without any insider knowledge or understanding around ‘sellable’ products, they’re often swayed by personal interests, pushy suppliers, along with countless other digital influences. With Trendosaur, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Large retail companies employ teams of full time market analysts to scan, calculate and decipher exactly what products to sell.

Trendosaur does it all in 30 seconds.

Stop researching and just get selling.

Anatomy of A Product Listing
Anatomy of a trendosaur listing

Each Trendosaur Report comes with 20 recommended products minimum

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