What to Sell in 2019 for Massive Profit

Millions of products are injected into the online retail space every year. Truth be told, the stakes are high and it can be quite daunting trying to stay ahead, and beat the competition. If you are bothered about finding the right products to sell online in 2019, you are welcome to go through this insightful list. We are not talking about just any products here but the bestselling products for 2019. Now this is not exclusive to existing online store owners but also new sellers who haven’t even started selling yet. Let’s get to it..

Best Products to Sell in 2019


The first category of best selling products here is clothing. Now this may sound a bit cliché but clothing is the fastest selling product of all times. Clothing however are of different types or categories and you may decide to specialise or have a general store that offers a wide variety. Best-selling clothing items which are not showing any signs of slowing down in 2019 include;

1. Athleisure

This refers to active, comfortable but stylish clothing. Usually they look like athletic wears but are worn for everyday activities. Products in the athleisure niche includes leggings, socks, headbands, sweatpants, sweatshirts and even sport bras. Since a large number of people are getting more into the active wear vibes, athleisure have become very lucrative products to sell.

2. Branded wears

You can also decide to venture into branded wears. Now this is more about creating a unique brand for yourself. Make beautifully branded apparels and help yourself stand out from the rest of the market. Naturally everyone wants to be different so branded wears mean you will be creating a sort of uniqueness for your product and market. A popular example of branded apparel clothing is the very popular “I Love NY” series etc.

3. Men’s Plaid Shirts

Another cloth item you may like to consider in 2019 is the men’s plaid shirts. This is one of the bestselling product of 2018 and they aren’t ready to go out of style or slow down on sales yet. This product usually trends around autumn and early winter months so you might want to plan your market towards that period. If you are a new seller, I advise you start stocking up early as this will give you enough time to build your search ranking against the seasonal trending period.

4. Shapewears

Shapewears are great selling products for 2019. The product is forecasted to have a market of about 5.6 billion dollars sales by 2022. Can you believe that? Well, we aren’t so surprised. People are becoming especially conscious of the way they look, shape wears come in handy to help. Shapewears have gradually progressed from being just a once in while wear to a regular undergarment for most women. Ensure that you stock up with a variety of colours, shapes, styles and sizes to be able to meet all your customer needs in this niche. Also, you can decide to sell as standalone or add them to your general apparel store. Whichever way, just be sure to stay ahead with trending styles. A good way to start is with the breathable shapewear which has been on the rise for a few weeks. Include that and add some spice to your online store.

5. Heated Vests

These are definitely going to be bestselling for 2019. Although mainly suited for enthusiasts and outdoor workers like the ice fishers, airport crew or snowboarders, and also basically highly demanded during winter period, heat vest are certain to sell fast and drive up your sales. These wears can heat up to pre-set temperatures in less than five seconds and provide the much needed heat during winter. According to google trends, there has been a high search volume for heated vests so if you are intending to start a sports store or outdoor clothing, then you really should consider adding heated vests to your store.

6. Maternity wears

The maternity market has been growing at an exponential rate for a few years now. The market is open not only to existing markets or huge retailers but even new online sellers about to launch. You might decide to add a maternity cloth line to your general apparel store or stick to maternity wears only. Either way, the maternity wear niche offers a high potential for sellers in 2019. As usual, just ensure you add that unique spin to your products, and stay ahead of the newest trends.


This is another bestselling product for 2019. Already, footwear products have blown the market in the past few years. If you are a seller looking to venture into a sex specific product then shoes are definitely a must have! What’s is a women’s apparel store without the footwear? From heel to slip-ons, boots and flats, you can never go wrong with footwear. You can take advantage of holiday seasons to add these mind blowing, profitable products to your online store. Some of the bestselling variants of footwear include;

7. Ankle boots

Ankle boots are bestselling, versatile footwear that are more likely to reach a wider market on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Studies have shown an annual growth rate of about 8% till the year 2023. If you are wondering what footwear to add go your store, here lies your answer! Now you may also want to add spice to your store by including boots which can be folded up or downwards to form ankle boots or full length boots as your buyers desire. Remember, always stay ahead and add unique trend styles to up your sales.

8. Men’s shoes

The online search for men’s shoes have been on the rise over the years especially in countries like Australia and the UK. Although men’s shoes sell all round the year, the holiday season is usually a peak period that online sellers can take advantage of.

Beauty Products

9. Charcoal products

Ranging from charcoal facial masks, scrubs and soaps to acne removers, activated charcoal toothpaste and all, charcoal products have become quite popular and well used makeup and facial products. The fact that the activated charcoal cleansers remove dirt and oil in a natural way has even made them more endearing to users.

10. Beard Oil

This product went viral in 2017and is not anywhere near slowing down. Although the market is a lot more competitive, new online sellers still stand a chance as far they are willing to explore the markets to find unique more differentiated beard oil niches

11. Dude Wipes

This is also another product that could be explored as a bestselling product in 2019. Although this product is not blowing the market as much as the beard oil and shaving products, it is still a very popular and lucrative product that can help boost your online sales figures in 2019. So as an online entrepreneur, you can explore the Dude wipes and make sure you carve a niche for yourself as a seller.

12. Coconut Oil Products

These have also been a trending beauty niche for almost a decade. Coconut based products offer sellers and buyers a large variety of niches to explore. You can venture into coconut based deodorants, toothpastes, hair products, moisturizer even soaps. Be sure to dig deep into different available brands to suit your prospective buyers’ needs.

13. Artificial/ Fake Eyelashes

These are also viable products you can capitalise on in 2019, especially if you one who can add a unique twist and set a trend for users. Fortunately, they are the kind of products that are repeatedly bought so you get customers coming back often once you can meet their needs.

Tech and Gadgets

14. Smart watches

Over the years, smart watches have noticeably increased in sales. With over one million watches sold globally every year, smart watches have come to trend and will most likely not stop come 2019. You can add a watch store to your online products and include Bluetooth smartwatches with a lot of options such as camera, sleep monitor, step counter, calendar, sound recorder and son. New sellers are not left out of benefiting from this trend and bestselling product. It is most certainly a good reason to start an online watch store.

15. 360 Degree Camera

Now this is one amazing smart tech product that is currently trending in the photography world. The 360 degree camera allows you to take awesome 30 degree photos and videos. 360 degree cameras are quite new and will make for a bestselling product in gadgets come 2019 if well marketed.

16. Solar Chargers

With the rise in environmental awareness, products that have to do with green energy have been setting trends since the past decade. The solar chargers are one of these. You can take full advantage of this since the market is still not saturated.

17. Wireless Headsets

These are no doubt bestselling products especially as result of the convenience they offer. They are constantly growing over the years and have become very popularly. As an online entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the benefits this Wireless Headsets can add to your sales figures.

18. Portable Smart Backpacks

This is one popular and fast selling travel accessory. Every year more and more people are becoming nomads. The smart backpacks allows travellers a lot of flexibility. Users can charge their phones, tablets and game consoles. Usually, the smart backpacks have batteries and USB ports. However, you must be able to carve your niche to benefit greatly from this product.

Wellness/ Health Products

This includes a wide variety of products like anti snoring products, detox products, green teas and keto foods. All these are best selling products that you can venture into in 2019. A very popular one is the popular super food known as match.

19. Matcha

Matcha has its own unique class amongst green teas. It is a very popular product and gives sellers a very high profit margin. Usually, Matcha is a lot different in the world of green teas and could do wonders to your sales margin. This is in addition to the benefits for your buyers such as the superb tea flavour and its specifically excellent health benefits.


The last but not the least is jewellery, minimalist jewellery specifically. This includes men’s watches and women’s minimalist jewellery.

20. Minimalist Jewellery

This is one sure bestselling product you can include in your store in 2019. Everyone wants the beautiful things of life and fortunately, jewellery stands in this category. The sales of minimalist jewellery has brought about a massive raise in sales growth for online retailers. Google trend shows increasing search and demand for jewellery. For new sellers, you can take advantage of social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to market your products. You can also make beautiful videos and upload them to generate more traffic and increase visibility for your products.

To wrap this all up, there are three things you need to know. First, stocking up amazing products alone do not make the sales. As an online entrepreneur, you need to ensure that you take care and work on the profitability of these products, if you are selling something that people do not need to buy in large quantities like maybe solar chargers then you know you need to work on getting more people to buy.

Secondly, you have to take into consideration improving your marketing skills as these products will not sell themselves. A good seller must have top notch marketing skills. Digital marketing has made it a whole lot easier to reach a large number of people in a very short time.

And finally always renew your drive to succeed, do not relent. You must always find ways to improve and add that unique feel to your products. Basically, just choose your area and stay ahead of the pack in new trends and styles. Once you have been able to distinguish yourself, and add that touch of uniqueness, you are well on your way to joining the bestselling clique.

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