Not long ago we shared how to get into the Amazon FBA. If you are new to this, FBA means fulfilled by Amazon, it’s a business model that allows you to outsource the delivery of your inventory to Amazon, for a fee.

Successful Amazon sellers have been able to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA. However, best-selling products are not often set in stone, they change from time to time based on several factors. So the top selling products on Amazon 2018, may not have been the top selling Amazon products for the 2019.

However, some niches remain evergreen throughout the years. Here they are:

Top Three Best Selling Niches on Amazon

The best-selling niches change from time to time, so what you’ll be seeing is the top best-selling niche at the time of this writing, might be different after a few months. You might be wondering how we get to know the best-selling niches on Amazon. That’s one of the things we do, monitoring and searching for patterns, and as the patterns emerge we are able to say what the best-selling niches are.

1. Games and Toys

It would seem unexpected, but again children are some of the most popular demographics on Amazon. The games and toys also are not only restricted to the ones children play, there are also toys for adults too. Children also want a lot of things, and many parents wanting to make their children happy, will give into their children’s demands. Well, it’s good business for those who sell toys and stuff. Some of the bestselling products in the niche include Play-doh modeling compounds and card games for adults.

2. Electronics and Accessories

A good number of the best-selling items in this niche are Alexa compatible products, especially home products. A lot of home are going smart now, therefore there is a huge market for this demand. Some of the products in this niche include, Fire TV stick with Alexa voice remote, Echo dot and Fujifilm instant camera. People love their electronic products, and every day there are new products coming out, thereby increasing the range of options which people have. Amazon charges about 8% on Electronics, this is therefore another reason to actually sell electronic items. Of course this niche is even perhaps the most volatile of the top selling niches on amazon. Not only are Alexa compatible products great buys, exercise accessories like fitbits and Apple watches also come tops in this niche.

3. Camera and Photo

The Fujifilm instax camera and all its accessories are best sellers in this category. The fact that pictures can be taken and you get a hardcopy print almost immediately is one thing that makes this a hot selling item. We live in a world of instant gratification, and the Fuji Instax camera helps satisfy that craving.

A Few Things To Consider Before Choosing A Niche To Sell On Amazon

Competition is fierce on Amazon, really you wouldn’t expect this to be easy. It will be advisable not to go into selling products sold by Amazon, for obvious reason.

Don’t choose a particular niche because you love the products. In fact, a niche choice has nothing to do with you if you want to make profit. It has everything to do with your existing market, or whatever market you are trying to get into. If you love the niche and there is a market for it, well that’s beautiful.

Of course you can’t think or guess that a particular niche will be great for business. You should do a lot of research to make sure you know what you are about.

You should also know if the niche you are trying to get into has room for more people and the level of competition you’d be facing. Another thing to know is how much you’ll be spending to start this venture and when you can start reaping profits.

7 Ways to Discover Best Selling Products on Amazon

Amazon sells close to 400 million products, so yes it could be a terrible maze navigating the most profitable products to sell on the site.

Customer Reviews

One very good way to do this is to go by way of reviews. Check out customer reviews and know what people are getting crazy about. What products people are loving or what they are hating at a particular time? Taking this information you can know what great products there are and how to improve on them based on customer reviews.

Products with few reviews

As a beginner you don’t want to enter into an already saturated listing or niche. Therefore find products with not more than 50 customer reviews. Now if a top bestselling product has few reviews on it, it means it’s golden. That means the product is not saturated and there’s a lot of room for you to play in.

Avoid Niches or Products Dominated by Big Brands

This advice may not exactly tell you what to sell, but it can tell you what no to sell. See, you don’t want to compete with bigger brands for market share, it is already a lost battle…most times. They have the resources to do better marketing, research and adverts. Selling in a niche big brands are interested in is a recipe for failure for a startup. For example products sold by Amazon shouldn’t even be considered, especially for a beginner.

Try Trendosaur

Not to blow our trumpet but with Trendosaur, you can get a comprehensive list of up to date, top selling Amazon products. Trendosaur provides actual Data from Amazon so you can see cost, suppliers, competitive pricings and so many other information needed to decide on the products to sell.

Check Out the competition

You can reverse engineer a competitions success. Here all you need do is find out a best seller on Amazon, and try to find out how they do it. So study their pages to see what niches, broad categories and products are bringing in the huge box for them. You also should find out what extra things they do to make these products sell. So if that product or niche is not overcrowded and is not populated by big brands, then it is something you can try.

Try a product that fulfils a need or solve a Problem

This in itself is a great marketing strategy, especially if you find a product that is useful throughout the year. The products don’t have to be new, you could also improve on an existing product, to better solve an already existing problem. So identify a problem and solve it, this could lead you to creating a new product or even making a unique one in which you’d initially have no competition.

Convert Passion to profit

If you are passionate about something or a certain cause, you could use that as inspiration for what to sell. Let’s say you are passionate about children, you could sell safety devices or monitoring devices for children.

The ideas don’t have to be big and spectacular, a simple idea can also work as long as you are able to do your research and determine that it has a place in the Amazon market place. Online selling is hard work, and joining the numbers of amazon best sellers is even harder work. With research though, you too can make a living from Amazon FBA.

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