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Let more than 4.5 Million
Online Retail Sales
tell you Exactly what
Products to sell in
your region.

Take the Guesswork out of Online Retail

Trendosaur scans millions of publicly-listed retail sales to uncover global product trends and determine the best products to sell in your region. Using key market statistics from thousands of sites like Amazon, eBay, Groupon and AliBaba, Trendosaur shows you exactly where to start on your ecommerce journey, building workable data in to actionable reports that tell you…

  • 1. What products to sell
  • 2. How much to sell them for
  • 3. Where to source them from
All of our top selling products this year, we found with Trendosaur.

-Tyrone Lindo, eBay Store Owner

People ask me how I keep listing the trending products before any of my competition. Trendosaur knows ;)

-Cassie Hansen, Amazon Seller

Trendosaur has increased our online Sales by 28% month on month since we started using it.

-Kane Robinson, Target Australia

Trendosaur does my market research in 30 seconds. It used to take me 2 weeks.

-Kat Pawah, Shopify Store Owner

Trendosaur tells me exactly what products My customers want to buy.

-Aaron Davis, Amazon Power Seller

It’s literally like a crystal ball for retailers

-Hayley Dunstan, Amazon Seller

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How Trendosaur Works

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1.Scans global retail sales

2.Calculates rising product trends

3.Tells you what trending
products to sell in your country
& recommends qualified

Discover the Product Trends of Tomorrow

Product Sales

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